Yonam College

Founded and funded by LG, Yonam College is
Korea’s top institute for next-generation
agricultural technology.

Since its establishment in 1974, Yonam College has continued to grow as Korea’s only private college specializing in the agriculture and stockbreeding field. It aims to lead Korea’s agricultural industry, and foster the next generation of practical manpower in agricultural technology.

In line with the founder’s vision of “teaching agriculture, not agronomy,” Yonam College places a strong emphasis on practical field education, using the 595,000 square meters of its campus as a vast training ground.

The regular curriculum focuses on specialized education in three main areas (animal husbandry, smart horticulture, and animal welfare), aimed at enhancing competitiveness in the agriculture and livestock sector, and adapting to changes in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition, Yonam College turns out the next generation of agricultural professionals through the Rural Resettlement Support Center, which was established in 2006 as the first educational institute of its kind in Korea. Furthermore, the college has established the Next-Generation Agricultural Technology Center to cultivate future leaders in the agricultural industry, and expanded facilities for advanced training in animal husbandry (animal husbandry ICT) as well as smart farming facilities (glass greenhouses, vinyl greenhouses, and vertical farms).

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