LG Discovery Lab

  • Opening in Seoul

    November 2022

  • Opening in Busan

    October 2021

  • Education Field

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Target Group

    Young people of secondary school age

Feature 01

A Place for Experiencing and Learning about
AI Technology

LG Discovery Lab provides an opportunity to explore artificial intelligence application technology, and understand the principles behind it. The institute divides AI into five key areas, and offers multi-dimensional experiences in each area, thereby educating young people on the principles and technology of artificial intelligence. Moreover, the exhibition space showcasing AI-integrated home appliances and mobility solutions allows first-hand experience of the future shaped by AI technology.

LG Discovery Lab Seoul

LG Discovery Lab Busan

Feature 02

AI Education Inviting All Youths to Envision
Their Future and Discover Their Potential

LG Discovery Lab pursues inclusive AI education aimed at all youths. Rather than nurturing a small number of AI elites, it encourages many young people to experience and explore the world of the future, and discover their own potential. LG Discovery Lab is committed to providing educational opportunities for all youths so that they can envision their future selves and discover the possibilities that lie ahead.

Feature 03

AI Training Program
in Collaboration with LG R&D Researchers

LG Discovery Lab provides dynamic AI education by collaborating with LG’s R&D researchers in various AI fields. R&D researchers in charge of LG’s core AI technologies are actively involved in developing the institute’s programs—from selecting topics to verifying the effectiveness of the programs. LG Discovery Lab offers diverse programs that take into consideration different interests and levels of understanding among learners. In addition to regular programs based on the latest AI technologies, there are lectures given by researchers from LG Science Park.


LG디스커버리랩 서울

LG Discovery Lab’s location in the vicinity of the R&D complex LG Science Park enables smooth communication and exchange with LG’s researchers. It stands on the grounds of the Seoul Botanic Park, and shares the same building with LG Arts Center, which leads the performing arts culture.

Address: 136 Magokjungang-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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LG디스커버리랩 부산

Housed in the same building as LG Chem, LG Discovery Lab Busan serves as an educational platform that invites young people to experience the future shaped by AI technology and imagine their own future.

Address: 165 Saessak-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan, Korea

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