Supporting the Underprivileged

Supporting underprivileged groups
in welfare blind spots

Since 1998, the foundation has been providing essential supplies, home appliances, and food for unregistered elderly care facilities nationwide through annual open calls. Although unregistered elderly care facilities take on the role of a surrogate family for those with nobody to turn to, they often face financial difficulties due to a lack of government support. From the mid-2000s, in line with the government’s policy to enhance unregistered welfare facilities, the foundation went beyond simply providing material goods, and began engaging in volunteer activities. LG established partnerships with different welfare facilities, and our employees have continuously down volunteer work and provided necessary supplies to their sister institutes. Since 2016, the scope of support has gradually expanded from residential facilities such as childcare centers and nursing homes to such facilities as community children’s centers and day care centers, making every effort to provide necessary support for the underprivileged.