Yonam Culture Foundation

Under the belief that LG should serve as the foundation for national prosperity, Yonam Culture Foundation engages in various public welfare activities in the fields of arts and culture, science and technology, and academic research. 

Through such places as the world-class performance venue LG Arts Center, designed by Tadao Ando, LG Discovery Lab envisioning the future transformed by AI technology, and LG Sangnam Library, Korea’s first digital library, we make every effort to ensure that all strata of society can enjoy a prosperous and happy tomorrow.

Welfare Foundation

Established for the purpose of “rewarding righteous individuals who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the nation and social justice,” LG Welfare Foundation has implemented projects for building a just society and supporting the underprivileged. 

Launched in 2015, LG Good Citizen Award recognizes and rewards individuals who have become social role models through exceptional acts of kindness and virtuous behavior. 

In addition, the foundation supports the underprivileged in various ways such as providing growth hormone treatment for children with short stature, and expanding facilities for people with disabilities. 

Evergreen Foundation

LG Evergreen Foundation was established in December 1997 with the belief that “true life can only flourish amidst harmony between nature and humanity.”

It was the first private-sector environmental foundation established by one of Korea’s top ten conglomerates for the purpose of promoting environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources. Over the years, LG Evergreen Foundation has brought new momentum in environmental protection in Korea through consistent and progressive long-term initiatives. 

LG Evergreen Foundation’s continuous and crucial environmental protection activities include the establishment of Hwadam Botanic Garden, an arboretum preserving the nation’s terrain and vegetation, the publication of the first illustrated book of birds in Korea titled A Field Guide to the Birds of Korea, and the comprehensive guide to freshwater fish species observed on the Korean Peninsula A Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Korea, and the propagation of the national flower, Mugunghwa (rose of Sharon). 

Yonam Education Foundation

Yonam Education Foundation was founded in 1973 with the vision of fostering human resources and promoting science and technology.

Inaugural chairman Koo Ja-kyung recognized that cultivating human resources was vital for the balanced development of rural areas, and thus founded Yonam College in 1974. A decade later, in 1984, Yonam Institute of Technology opened its doors with the aim of training highly skilled technical professionals. 

Based on the philosophy that manpower is the key to national competitiveness, Yonam Education Foundation provides generous support for the training of top-class engineers at Yonam College and Yonam Institute of Technology.