LG founder
In-hwoi Koo

In-hwoi Koo Founder of LG
Founding chairman of LG Yonam Foundation

Harmony, Research & Development, Innovation

We must seek value adding projects that
not only makes the business money but also
helps the society”

Upon the recognition that corporations are responsible for
the country’s development and stability of its people’s lives; we
have established a strong patriotism from business operations

LG honorary chairman 
Cha-kyung Koo

Cha-kyung Koo Honorary Chairman of LG
Founder & the first Chairman of LG Welfare
Founder of Yonam Academy

Value added for customers, Business that
respects people

Building a competitive company is the most
direct method of contributing to the society
and its people”

We are based on the idea that business activities should also
focus on bringing public benefits to the society and shown much
interest such activities

LG chairman
Bon-moo Koo

Bon-moo Koo Chairman of LG
Board of Directors for LG Evergreen Foundation
Board of Directors of LG Yonam Foundation
Board of Directors of LG Yonam Academy
Board of Directors  of LG Welfare Foundation


Corporations must respond to righteous
people who have sacrificed to the country and
society through its corporate social
responsibility practices”

In order to achieve “No.1” we will focus on diverse industries
that focus on the best interest of the public to best demonstrate
the corporation’s social responsibility

LG has vigorously practices its management principes,
“creating valuefor customers” and “respecting human dignity”
for the ultimate goal of becoming “No. 1 LG”

Under these principles and with this goal in mind, LG has become a leader in social and business relations, and continues to keep in close cooperation with the Korean community through a variety of projects for the public benefit.

At an early stage of LG business performance, In-Hwoi Koo, the LG founder known as Yonam, had faith in the values in establishing a non-profit foundation for human resource development and for science technology advancement. He eventually founded the LG Yonam Foundation in 1969 in order to nurture human resources and to promote expansion of science and culture. Respecting the faith of the founder, “realization of a happy society for all”, Cha-Kyung Koo, Honorary Chairman of LG established an educational foundation, the ‘LG Yonam Education Foundation’ in 1973. He focused on running training programs for future leaders in environment-friendly life industries based on stock farming, horticulture and agriculture. He also founded the LG Welfare Foundation in 1991, and expanded the depth of public services by systemically providing welfare support programs and developing consulting programs for young adults’ visions. In 1995, LG also established the LG Sangnam Press Foundation, and has generously poured its energy into supporting journalists and enhancing journalism cultures in Korea.

The third Chairman of LG, Bon-Moo Koo, who inherited the LG philosophy and a mind for public benefit, established the LG Evergreen Foundation in 1997. This Foundation has broadened the area of LG’s public services into environment preservation and protection including forest conservation projects and bird protection projects. It is also striving to create a more bountiful environment and to foster harmony between human beings and nature.

Moving forward to visualize its goal of being a “Global No.1 LG,” LG will continue to strive to lead the community into sharing a greater love as a good neighbor, keeping in mind its social and business responsibilities for the greater good of society.